To start, we love what we do - taking old, tired or unloved furniture, that still has a lot of life left in it, and giving it a great deal of care and attention until it's fully rejuvenated. They don't make 'em like they used to, but they can still look fresh or modern with the right creative eye and skill applied.

Next, we love where we work - in a small community business park, full of local craftsmen, on a farm in the beautiful hertfordshire countyside, just outside Bovingdon, on the road to Chipperfield.

And last, but obviously not least, we love, love, love what we sell - along with our collections of revamped, up-cycled furniture, we stock a complimentary range of products from lighting and soft furnishings to gifts and other decorative items. We sincerely try our best to source everything from the local communities - from the furniture we find, to the suppliers we use.
Sometimes you're not quite sure. You see something and love it, but then ask yourself "Will it look right?" or "Will it suit the style I have?"

Our shop has four different room sets where you can visualise what a piece of furniture would be like in situ - we have bedroom, kitchen, childrens area and office - but, to be honest, that's just the furniture we have put in there and the decor suits a variety of styles.

If you find something on the the site you like the look of, but would like to see it in situ before buying, then give us a call and we will set it up before you arrive.

Our workshop is attached to the shop. It's our very own playground, where we can be as creative as we can possibly stretch our minds to.

It smells of paint, has a lot of half-empty tea mugs knocking about and there is a stack of furniture waiting to be loved.

We are always around, whether doing commision work or adding the finishing touches to our next show case item, you can always pop by for a chat to see if your old furniture would be suited to what we do - bringing it back to life!
We stock some individual craftware and hand work from some very creative local people, who we think are brill!

Whether it be classic shabby, or something completely contrasting, their wares add charm, character and diversity to any chic home, which is why we love to sell them too.

Browse round our site to find some of the little gems - most of which are one of a kind!